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The SDB NFT Collection

SDB is a collection of 5,000 uniquely generated 24-bit droids living on the Solana blockchain.

Owning a Droid will grant you make your wallet prettier and access to the exclusive world of droids, with members-only benefits that will be coming in the future of the Solana Droid Business World.

We partnered with NoiaDucks to fairly distribute the Droids on the Solana blockchain.

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NFT Meets DeFi


************** TODAY **************

01. Minting

The starship will release the 5,000 Droids into the decentralized Solana blockchain through NoiaDucks partnership.

We've a backed devOps and security engineering team to make sure the Launch is smooth and safe for everyone.


02. Droid Queen Auction

The Droid Queen — which has been auctioned for 60 $SOL on Twitter — will be transferred to the bid winner after all of the 5,000 droids have been minted.

03. Charity Donation

All of the proceeds of the Droid Queen Auction are going to action against animals mistreatment in Brazil. We will update the community on our Twitter and Discord following our over communicate culture.

03. Secondary Market

Add our collection to an NFT Marketplace.

************** LATE NOVEMBER, 2021 **************

01. We are forming a DAO

We'll officially form the DAO based on Brazil laws and make sure every decision is decentralized by the community, we believe that droids together are stronger. We'll use something like to do the DAOs voting and be very transparent and over communicating everything as we've past experience managing a huge team or a top tier $SOL collection.

02. Community Funds

15% of the secondary marketplace sales royalties, (which are 5%) will be added to the community fund, and soon after we have the DAO up and running, we will be able to use those funds as a community to build all sorts of stuff together.

First things to be focused on are building our next steps platforms, as well investing a chunk of it, which is decided by the DAO, into $SOL BlueChip NFTs and NFT Ecosystem applications.

************** DECEMBER, 2021 **************

01. Rarity Tools

We'll add our Droids to most used SOL rarity tools like:, and etc...

02. Analytics Platforms

Every Droid holder will start receiving daily $BIP rewards, which can be traded by $SOL or used on the ecosystem utilities.

************** Q1, 2022 **************

1. Droid Drops

We will airdrop the first seasoned limited-edition (Nike or Off-White-style) drops of Droid clothing and accessories, like halloween masks, fashioned glasses, fun hats, etc.

But Looking cool isn't enough, all these traits will increase Droids daily rewards based on rarity and power combinations(more details soon), and also will be tradable as usual NFTs.

************** Q2, 2022 **************

1. Spaceship Marketplace

Having passive Droids income is amazing, but what about being able to create a Droids ecosystem?

Our Droidgineers are collecting all of the materials (some of which are spare parts from our own Starship 👀) and building exclusive Spaceships that will be governed by your Droids.

For what purpose? Think of it as your NFT real-estate, where you'll get bragging rights about your limited-edition collections, let other droids take a part on the mutual benefits, and then after building your ecosystem, with the right strategy, generate value over what you had expected.

Spaceship owners will have percentages over its crew's rewards.

Droids won't be NFTs anymore, but an entire ecosystem in your wallet.

2. DumbDroids

The bigger your ecosystem becomes, the more advantages you'll have, one of them is getting DumbDroids Free AirDrops, which are utility first Droids NFTs for more rewards.


How many SDBs will there be?

SDB is a collection of 5,000 uniquely generated 24-bit droids.

How much will the mint be?

Each Droid will mint for 1 SOL. Plus Solana fees.

When mint?

Public Mint will be announce soon on the Discord.

WL will have 2 minutes of advantage to mint.

How many can I mint in one transaction?

You'll be able to mint 1 Droid per transaction.

Will you DM the mint link? NO!

🚫 NO. We would never DM mint links.

We will announce the mint link publicly on our Discord.

If anyone sends you DM links, they are trying to scam you. Block them and report.

How to get whitelisted?

Whitelists have happened on Discord, and are now closed!

Thank you to all the people who joined! ❤️

What's the utility?

As of now, the Droids will serve the purpose of making your Solana wallet prettier and give you a culturally diverse profile picture. ✨

Soon, they will grant you powerful abilities in the blockchain world. You can read our roadmap for more information.

What can you do with it?

You are free to do anything with them, as long as you're holding. 🤖

Is SDB a good investment?

Droids are not programmed as financial advisors, so we will leave that for you to decide. All we can tell is that we're super excited to implement our roadmap, and our Discord has been hyped up all week.

We truly hope it lives to be a good investment to the entire community. ❤️

What's the SDB Roadmap?